Nehra Stella


Nehra Stella is an artist, body worker and filmmaker.

In her work she explores gender, sexuality, identity issues, love and relationships, with an ironic, erotic, feminist, queer point of view.
She believes that ART and SEX can change the world.

She directed “Paris la Nuit” in 2009, “Vivre Berlin” in 2013 and “Berlin-Sarajevo” in 2014, together with the artist Natasha Davis, that premiered at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in May 2019. She is currently editing the documentary “LE BEL ANIMAL“ about the Xplore festival.

Parallel to her artistic work she focuses on different body practices, yoga, nutrition and hypnotherapy. 

Since 2013 she collaborates with Felix Ruckert on different projects: performances, music videos, workshops and fasting retreat. Since 2017 she co-curated with him the program for Xplore festival for Roma, Barcelona and Copenhagen.

She also teaches workshops on Female Empowerment, Conscious kink, Gender Fluidity and Bondage and she performs in rope with the artist Pilar Aldea.

In 2018 she created together with the artist Anna Natt the play space “School of Love“ for Berlin xplore 2018.

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